Alpen Windows

Alpen High Performance Products is an American window and door manufacturer that designs and builds some of the most energy efficient window and door products in North America and the world. Alpen’s core product offering draws on a 30-year history of industry leadership in advanced, high performance window and glass manufacturing and innovation. To carry this legacy forward, they continually improve the product offering by developing ongoing enhancements that are responsive to the needs of customers. They strive for open, honest dialogue with their core constituents and are actively engaged in many sustainable, energy efficiency focused and healthy high performance building programs. They value calls-to-action from these communities to guide and inform their decision-making in product development and daily operations.

They remain steadfastly focused on success in two key pillars of performance:

Comfort Performance

  • Utilize technology that results in the highest thermal efficiency – think “warm to the touch on a cold winter night”
  • Provide super-insulating products which dramatically reduce the amount of air volume which passes through the barrier
  • Embrace “directional tuning” as a design philosophy to allow customized performance optimization based on building architecture, use, orientation, climate and elevation
  • Construct products with high quality, durable materials which deliver comfort and performance in all seasons
  • Use non-toxic, non-off gassing materials wherever possible

Business Performance

  • Establish trustworthy relationships with customers through clear, thoughtful, unbiased communication and guidance throughout the selection and purchasing process
  • Deliver products on-time and on-budget
  • Provide an immaculate attention to detail which focuses on quality and craftsmanship throughout the manufacturing process
  • Publish only third-party validated/certified performance data
  • Establish quality control programs that consistently surpass requirements set forth by these third party agencies
  • Integrate innovative and advanced technology into all our product offerings
  • Demand the same high quality standards from our suppliers as those to which we hold ourselves accountable


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