American Clay


American Clay

Are you looking for an environment-friendly plaster for beautifying your home? Then you can easily choose these purely natural American Clay earth plasters. As these plasters are made in USA, you can be assured of its overall quality and durability. Everywhere you will see that people are using cement, lime and acrylic plasters; however, these are not congenial for environment at all. As alternatives, your choice for American clay will offer you superior color, richness, depth and texture in addition to the friendliness towards environment.

American Clay earth plasters are available with a rich variety. You can choose from Loma, Marittimo, Porcelina, and Enjarre, which are well-known for providing different kinds of facilities. For instance, you will get a pastoral and quite charming feeling if you use the Loma, which comes with organic surfaces and matte colors. Marittimo offers soft color which will give you an illusion of an ocean. Porcelina has complex shades and smooth surface, looking like the marbles used heavily in the past. In a single-coat plaster, you will get a rugged, earthen look if you choose Enjarre. All these varieties of American Clay will give you excellent opportunity to make the decision based on your choice and feelings.

While applying these American Clay plasters, you should keep in mind that these plasters may take up to several days to set up. A special environment-friendly feature of these plasters is that, the excess plaster that’s fallen to the floor can easily be reused, if it is free from other debris. You can also feel the natural air-conditioning facilities during the day when the moisture absorbed by the clay evaporates as the ambient air is less humid. However, as this earth plaster may cause the dried wall into liquid clay if it is in contact with water, you need to ensure that it is used only for interior purposes.

As people are getting more serious regarding the sustainability of the environment, choosing American Clay earth plasters should be ideal for everyone.


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