Natural Stones and Mosaics from Coverings ETC

Since established in 1998, Coverings ETC has been supplying innovative and eco-friendly stones and mosaics which are really of good quality. The overall design of these mosaics and stones are classic, traditional and also contemporary, which the customers of present times really look for. Environmental sustainability is given highest priority by the company, so the products here are all naturally occurring, recyclable and manufactured with environment-friendly materials with special concern for the conservation of natural resources.

The most notable item from Coverings ETC is Ecocem. It is an environment-friendly board made of 80 percent cement and 20 percent cellulose fiber. If you want to give your room an extremely sophisticated look with a contemporary feeling, then you can use this Ecocem. This product is used for multiple purposes, like interior and exterior cladding, flooring, shelving, bathroom partitions, steel frame walls and work tops. This Ecocem is fully prepared with recycled contents. It is permeable. Moreover, it has the capability to improve the air quality. It is also humidity and impact resistant, incombustible, termite and other bugs resistant and does not rot or rust at all. Ecocem sheets are totally non-toxic and free from formaldehyde.

Coverings ETC is also famous for manufacturing classic porcelain mosaic tile patterns and glass mosaic tile blends with beautiful colors. The Bio-luminum from Coverings ETC is another eco-friendly material which is completely recyclable and unique. It is made from 100% recycled aluminum collected from reclaimed aircraft parts. The natural stones available here is capable of adding elegance and beauty to any surface. These stones are obtained from eco-friendly quarries, and capable of satisfying all types of customers.

Other ecological friendly products of Coverings ETC are eco-terr, bio-glass, and eco-gres, which are all well-known for their quality, beauty and effectiveness.


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