ECO-BOND Flashing-Roof-Gutter (FRG100) – BLACK

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Heavy Duty environmentally friendly adhesive/sealant that bonds to most common building materials for . Quick grabbing with a tack free time of 20 minutes. Strong (400 psi shear strength, 450 psi tensile strength) and flexible (550% elongation). Low VOC, no/low odor and 100% waterproof. Approved for both indoor and outdoor usage. Cures fully submerged. Does not contain PCBs and is Prop 65 compliant.

Size – 10.1 fl. oz. (304 mL)

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Product Description

Even pros that are not seeking green safe non-toxic products rate ECO-BOND Flashing-Roof-Gutter the BEST. ECO-BOND is the leader in making non-toxic VOC free products that outperform more toxic options. It’s market leading bonding and sealing to surfaces most products fail on and it’s unbeatable bonding fully submerged in the most rugged conditions makes ECO-BOND Flashing-Roof-Gutter the most reliable tool for the toughest exterior bonding and sealing demands. This product exceeds ALL green building and California air standards with its non-toxic formula and ZERO VOC off-gassing during the curing process. Application temperatures of -35 to +250 degrees allow it to be used in all weather conditions. FRG100 is paintable within two hours, waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, UV resistant and has a 205 psi bonding strength. BONDS and SEALS to: metal, plywood, fiber cement board, copper, fiberglass, asphalt, wood, slate, brick, cast iron, galvanized and painted metal, PVC, and most other building materials. ECO-BOND Adhesives requires the use of a caulk gun for application. For best results cut the top of the tube at a 45º angle. Insert opening rod into newly cut tube end and puncture the inner foil seal. For best results, once the seal has been punctured, use the opening rod to widen the inner puncture hole.