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St. Astier

St. Astier natural hydraulic limes are unique construction materials which provide environment-friendly option while constructing buildings. For more than 150 years, these natural and pure hydraulic limes have been in production. These limes are suitable for most of the climatic conditions and have been extensively used in almost the entire world.

St. Astier natural hydraulic limes offer some excellent environment-friendly features which are really special. For instance, while producing these hydraulic limes, the amount of energy used is nearly one-quarter of what is required for producing cement. Hence, less CO2 is released into the atmosphere, which is significantly important to ensure environmental sustainability. Another special feature of these limes is that most of the CO2 is absorbed during the curing process, while in case of cement, no CO2 is absorbed at all. In recognition to these important features, St. Astier products “LABELVERT  EXCELL” or “Green Label” in France. This label also assures the users that these hydraulic limes from St. Astier are completely free from all sorts of impurities and contaminants. Absolutely nothing is added with these hydraulic limes.

Some of the other mentionable qualities of St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL) include elasticity, breathability, gradual development of strength, longevity, low shrinkage and plasticity. These highly desirable traits have made these limes much better than cement while using in construction. Moreover, NHL mortar may be reused or recycled in many ways, such as in fertilizer, or in water purification or treatment of hazardous wastes. Considering the cost, the St. Astier hydraulic limes are much cheaper than its counterparts. Hydraulic limes are fully weather resistant, which is another noteworthy benefit of using these items. The long lasting alkalinity of these limes inhibits the growth of bacteria and vegetation, which is really useful.

In short, these eco-friendly St. Astier hydraulic limes should be chosen as a useful building material.


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